With a core focus on biosecurity and biodiversity, we are committed to environmental best practice. We strive to provide practical advice, guidance and solutions to our clients regarding targeted species including plants, invertebrates, rodents and herpetofauna.

Project management

From concept to achievement of projects with a solutions and customer focussed approach. 

Our management team are skilled at managing projects in challenging island conditions, including material supply to difficult to access locations (e.g. by ferry, barge, helicopter or land) maintenance, construction, landscape and biodiversity.

biosecurity - pest flora and fauna survey, monitoring and control

Our services include surveillance for target species, monitoring of a target or suite of species, control or eradication programmes as well as impact and outcome monitoring. Invasive species include invertebrate eg Argentine ants, mammalian eg rats, feral cats, herpetofauna eg Plague skinks and plant pests. Species may be land or inshore aquatic based.  

habitat restoration and protection

We specialise in native habitat restoration and protection including forest and wetland habitats and also offer a service for residential and amenity properties. Our services include lawn mowing (ride on, weed eating and push mowers) and garden maintenance including orchard, vegetable and ornamental garden maintenance.  

Environmental consultancy

Information and advice covering a broad range of ecological, environmental and biosecurity/diversity issues

Community and visitor advocacy and engagement

Supporting and guiding community led  initiatives and projects, biodiversity and biosecurity ambassador work at points of entry or through community engagement. Advocacy and engagement for a project or proposed project with affected parties

Indigenous ecosystem restoration and rehabilitation

Field work in a diverse range of environments, both terrestrial and aquatic, backed up by research and timely, accurate recording and reporting